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I do freelance work in the fields of concept development, communication strategy consulting, journalism and illustration for the written media as well as production of radio and television programmes and websites.
From 1. September 2004 to 1. March 2005 I was employed in Århus municipality as journalist.


Helge Svendsen, editor, TV producer and journalist,  JD – Diploma of Journalism, and a member of The Danish Union of Journalists and The International Federation of Journalists.  

n 2003 I have produced  "Vi er etniske danskere" a documetary on two Iranians who came to Denmark in 1988 and 1989. The programme was send on 27. December 2003 and  January 2004.
“Vor mand i krigens øje” (War Correspondent) – a documentary on a war correspondent, which was broadcasted on 26. September 2003 on the Danish TV station dk4. 
My first production in 2003 was a television magazine programme for the Danish TV station dk4 – Gældsmagasinet  (Debt Magazine) – in cooperation with Consulting Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration Christian Kjær, Gaeld.com. So far, six programmes have been produced, and the first, “Gældens verden” (The World of Debt), was first broadcast on 7 March 2003 and in june and July 2003.
In connection with restructuring, I recently left the biggest newspaper in Denmark Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten after 18 years of employment. My employment ended on 1, February 2003. 
During the first six years, I worked for tv33, the group’s television and video production company, producing approximately 60 television programmes for TV 2, The County of Viborg, and private companies and institutions, among others.
After that, I worked for different editorial departments of the written paper – for instance radio and television, and I was the Back Page and Obituaries, Birthdays, Jubilees and Weddings Editor for several years. Later on, I explored the electronic media as an news editor, working for the paper’s internet edition and TV3 Teletext. After that, I was a news editor, working for the general paper and for the JP København and JP Århus local supplements. Periodically, I also functioned as a travel&leisure reporter going to Tunisia, the Chech Republic, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, The Canary Islands, and Corsica.


I was born in Copenhagen in 1942 and became a radio mechanic in 1965. Later, I became a television producer, completing courses at Denmark’s Radio in Copenhagen in 1972 and Swedish Radio in Gothenburg in 1981.
Moreover, I completed a layout course at The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark in 1981, and I have taken several courses at DjE, The Danish Institute for Mid-career Training in Journalism, for instance “Sprog på nettet” (Internet language) in 1999, “Lav din egen hjemmeside” (Make your own home page) in 2002, and “Design på nettet” (Internet design) in 2002. In 1993, I was the first journalist to receive the Diploma of Journalism in cultural journalism. Study trips to The Netherlands in 1972 (television/radio), London in 1980 (TV production) and Tepe Film, Hamburg in 1982 (television).
Altogether, I have worked with picture and sound media since 1968 in my capacity as a journalist, producer, sound engineer and cameraman.
First at Infanteriskolen (the infantry school of the Danish army), after that at Philips and Bang & Olufsen, and finally – for a short period of time - at Denmark’s Radio in Holstebro.  

 1987 - awarded “The Golden Reel” (The International Television Association) for the programme ”Forbindelsen afbrudt” (Connection Cut). The programme was in the finals at the ITVA’s 20th Annual Video Festival in Las Vegas, USA, the following year.

1988 -  awarded “The Silver Reel” (ITVA) for the programme “En fremtid i jernet – også for kvinder” (An Iron Future. Also for Women). Both programmes produced for tv33, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten’s TV and video production company.

 1995 – awarded an employee grant by Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten to go on a round trip in China.

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